Novolux LED

The Primo LED aquariums are equipped with the Novolux LED lights.

The special design of the PrImo cover means that any condensation is conducted back into the aquarium when it is closed. An integrated flat can be used to feed the fish and is compatible with the JUWEL automatic feeder.

AquaHeat 50 W / Automatic-Heater

The JUWEL AquaHeat adjustable heater ensures the correct temperature in the Primo aquarium. The heater remains invisible in the aquarium, as it is integrated into the filter housing. 

Proven a million times over: Bioflow One / Filter System

The Primo aquariums are equipped with a high-performance Bioflow One filter. This internal filter combines efficiency with safety and forms the centrepiece of the Primo 70 LED. It works on the principle that "The water should stay in the aquarium!" and therefore represents the safest way of filtering an aquarium. The Bioflow One is equipped with high-performance filter media and a quick, powerful and efficient Eccoflow circulating pump.




STAND £54.99

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