Welcome to AQUATOR

We are an independent, family run exotic pet shop located in Torquay, Devon. 

We stock and specialise in a wide range of tropical and marine fish, reptiles and invertebrates, we also offer a small selection of birds. 


Available in store, and to order for delivery straight to your home, we have a large choice of aquariums.


For your reptiles we have vivarium's, accessories and a wide range of decorations.  We also have dry stock, live and frozen food.

For birds we have cages, accessories and food. 

Please take a look at the above individual tab to see further items we have to offer in each department.

We offer friendly, professional advice and we are here to help ensure you have everything necessary to keep your new arrival safe and happy.   We provide you with a care sheet and advice if you are new to keeping a specific  animal.  


Licence Number - MAU 005817