Below is a selection of marine equipment we hold in stock 

We have a wide range of marine equipment in stock. everything for the beginner to the advanced aquarist !

We are TMC stockists and have a comprehensive selection of their products in store.

We have sump pumps, wave makers, protein skimmers, reactors, uv sterilisers, dosing pumps, L.E.D lighting and more !


We can supply a wide range of aquariums suitable for marine fish and corals.

From a custom built tank to fit any space, to the very popular drop off style aquarium. All available in a range of cabinet styles from classic wood, to the more modern glossy range. 

A tank and cabinet to fit from the traditional to the modern living space !

If you are looking for an all-in-one aquarium than the Aqua one mini-reef aquariums are perfect for you.

These popular marine aquariums start at 90 litres and go to 120 litres. They come with everything you need - tank, stand, sump, pipework, heater, sump pump, protein skimmer and L.E.D light !

The Reefsys range is a modern, sleek aquarium. With 6 different cabinet colors and 4 different sizes, it will fit perfectly into any room. 

Each set comes complete with pipework and customisable sump so that you can make sure it works just right for you !

Aquarium sizes start at 180 litres and go up to 434 litres.

For more information - 01803 323 253