We provide a full water testing service 


Here at Aquator we provide our customers with a water testing service in store.


 Aquarium Water Testing is an essential part of keeping any aquarium from the small starter aquariums to the largest reef tank.


Testing and understanding the aquarium water quality is essential to keep the water with in the correct parameters and good conditions. It is imperative to test regularly for all major tests such as pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.

We stock a wide range of accurate aquarium water testing kits such as the AQUARIUM LAB from NT Labs, to drip strips for a quick an easy check.

 Ammonia is highly toxic to all fish and, if left in the water, is problematic to your fish and can make the fish ill and even kill them. Therefore it is necessary to turn the Ammonia into a less harmful substance called Nitrate. This is the job of your filter, which breaks down the Ammonia into Nitrite and then into Nitrate. You then keep on top of your Nitrate levels by carrying out regular, weekly water changes and using various water treatments.


Your Ammonia and Nitrite should always be

0-ppm and nitrate as low as possible.


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