Below is a selection of pond items we hold in stock 

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We stock a wide range of equipment for any sized pond, pond pumps, filter boxes, pressurised filters, UV clarifier's and fountain pumps. 

We stock a wide range of pond hose, connectors hose clips, taps and more ! 

Everything you need to get you started or to improve an already existing pond.

Supplying a complete range of pond food, we have everything you need to keep the fish in your pond happy and healthy all year round.

From protein, colour rich summer food, sinking pellets, flake food to wheatgerm that's fed in the winter.

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3 ft £399.99

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We have a comprehensive range of pond treatments for almost every issue you may run into with your pond. 

We have products to treat your tap water, green water control, blanket weed control, anti parasite, anti ulcer, health promoting salt and more !

Everything to keep your pond fish healthy all year round.

For more information - 01803 323 253